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Teaser Tuesday

A little late but better late than not at all, right? I meant to post the following excerpt this morning but it's been one of those days...LOL
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So without further delay-Here it is folks...Your Teaser Tuesday-Mini Excerpt from LOVE BLEEDS....ENJOY :-)

Once they reached the enormous wooden doors, Nina grabbed hold of the large brass handles and opened them as if she had known they would be unlocked. She entered into the front hall with Kat following close behind.

“Hello?” Nina called out as they took several steps inside. “Anybody home?”

The majesty of the estate’s interior décor was breathtaking. Floor length drapes of burgundy velvet with gold trim hung from every visible window. Located to their left was the living room; where a roaring fire burned in a marble fireplace. Atop the stone mantel were crystal vases filled with dried flowers as well as numerous scattered pictures in gilded frames; adding a romantic Victorian flair to the décor. A grand piano was set in the far corner of the room with numerous sheets of music covering its top. At least a dozen guitars in different colors and shapes were lined up against the far wall.
An enormous couch covered in a swirled pattern of hunger green and amber velvet sat in the middle of the room. In front of which was a long, hand carved antique coffee table. On its surface sat various sizes of aromatic candles set atop black iron pedestals. The warm aroma of spiced incense permeated the air. The girls took a step further into the room.

“We shouldn’t be here Nina.” Kat whispered nervously, “we don’t even know who lives here. Maybe we should…”

“Welcome ladies.” A deep voice spoke from behind them.

Kat‘s breath caught mid-sentence when she realized they were no longer alone. She turned cautiously to see the handsome lead singer standing behind them in the shadows. Dressed in an unbuttoned, flowing white shirt and tight fitting black leather pants with a black linen jacket thrown casually over his shoulder; he buttoned his sleeves at the wrists as he approached. He appeared to have recently showered judging from the way his damp, golden brown hair hung loosely over his rose colored cheeks. He flashed a devilishly handsome grin and took long confident steps towards them.

“We don’t mean to intrude,” Kat began to explain. “…but your blonde friend…”

He gently placed his finger on her lips. “Shh…it’s perfectly alright. Phillip told me he had invited guests this evening so I’ve been expecting you. I assure you that you are quite welcome in my home.” He reached out and took Kat’s trembling hand. “My name is Joe.” He tenderly kissed the top of it. “This fall from grace, I see your face. Your love was kind yet left me scarred and blind…” his mouth lingered; creating tingling warmth against the top of her hand.

She withdrew from his grasp. “Excuse me?”

“I apologize…I didn’t mean to frighten you. The words simply flowed over my tongue as I kissed your hand.”

Kat’s breath came in short pants; her heart beat heavy. She covered the hand Joe had kissed with the other and tried to rub away the lingering warmth his lips had caused. Afraid to look into his dark eyes, she turned away and took wary steps towards the front hall, where Nina was headed towards the staircase.

“He’s been waiting for you Nina.” Joe called out as he removed his jacket from over his shoulder then slid his arms into their sleeves one at a time. Slowly he drew them up his muscular arms. “There’s no need to be afraid. Just go to him.”

Nina started up the staircase to the second floor. Kat followed close behind until Joe approached. “Not to worry, she’ll find him.” He adjusted his jacket up and over his broad shoulders.

“What?” She finally dared to gaze into his dark eyes. “How did you do that?” Kat was baffled. “How did you know…?”

“I simply assumed.” Joe replied. “By the look of concern on your face. But I assure you she’ll be fine. Why don’t you join me in the living room?” He swept his hand before her as an invitation but Kat hesitated. A nervous knot formed in her stomach at the mere thought of being alone with him. What was it about him that unnerved her so? Kat knew she was a strong, confident woman so what was it about Joe that had her so rattled? Did she fear him or was it his dark, eerie mystique that tempted her more than she dared to admit?
Kat dragged her thoughts away from their seductive host long enough to make a clean get away. She turned away from Joe and ascended the stairs. Once she reached the upper landing, she turned right and followed a long dark hallway in search of Nina. Softly, she called Nina’s name as her eyes strained to see what lie ahead. As she continued down the long hall, she swore she heard faint echoes of someone call her name. Her eyes shifted to the left then to the right but there was no one.

“I’m right here Kat.”

She whirled around to find Joe standing directly behind her.

“Don’t do that!” She exclaimed.

“I apologize.” Joe bowed his head. “Habit.”

“Well, it’s very unnerving. That ‘Prince of Darkness’ act may work on some women but to me it’s just creepy.”


As a result of Joe’s intentional distraction, Kat had lost track of where Nina had gone. She needed to redirect her thoughts and pull herself together. “Would it be alright if I used your bathroom?” She thought quickly. “Just need to freshen up.”

Joe pointed her in the direction of a small powder room at the end of the hallway. She had only traveled a few steps away when Joe called to her.
“Could I fix you a drink while I wait…a glass of wine perhaps?”

“Yes, thank you. A glass of wine would be lovely.”
She waited until Joe made his way down the stairs and headed towards the living room. Kat kept her eyes on him until he was safely out of sight then quickly turned on her heels. Instead of heading in the direction he had instructed, she walked down the opposite end of the corridor. On her way, she checked every door.

“Oh damn it Nina, where the hell are you?” She whispered. Near the end of the hall, she finally spotted Nina standing outside an old wooden door; her ear pressed firmly against it. Kat raced up behind her; grabbed her by the arm and spun her around. “Where the hell have you been? I’ve been looking for you everywhere.”

Nina raised her finger and pursed her lips. “Shh…do you hear that?” She asked then continued on to the next door.

“Hear what?” Kat scowled. “Oh great! Now you’re hallucinating. I swear I can’t believe all this nonsense over some guy. What’s gotten into you?”

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