Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Good Morning everyone! Hope you enjoyed my Teaser Tuesday excerpt yesterday..thanks for the comments here and on FB and Twitter!! And thanks to all my new followers & fans!!
Today is a BIG day for me--I have a special, exciting announcement to make....
First off, I want to take a moment to fill you guys in on a few things (I promise to keep it brief...lol)and then, on to the good stuff.
When I started writing romance novels, back in 2004, I spent countless late-night hours at my computer with so many ideas spinning in my head I could barely type fast enough. All these years later, I decided to release LOVE BLEEDS first not only because of the popularity of the paranormal genre but also because of LB's unique take on vampires. (Them being rockstars and all...)
Because of my well-know passion for Rock'N'Roll, each of my novels contained that element but not all of them were in the paranormal genre. I also wrote a second series appropriately entitled "Rockin' Love". Are you ready? Here's the series description:

The “Rockin’ Love” Series
If you grew in the era of Sex, Drugs & Rock n’ Roll, you can’t deny you fantasized at one time or another of what it would be like to be a ‘rock star’ girlfriend. Along with hundreds of other women your age, you’d spend countless hours waiting in line at the local box office for concert tickets to see your favorite bands. Then spend the next few months counting down the days until the night of the show. All for the mere chance to see your favorite Rock Gods live and in person.
On any given night, in fan-filled arenas across the country, thousands of women, myself included, dressed in black leather and spandex with our teased hair frozen in place by Aqua Net, lined the rows of seats. We’d screamed our lungs out for the chance to be heard above the other over-zealous fans doing the same. Fueled by lust and adoration; we secretly prayed the hard rocking alpha male commanding center stage would look our way; perhaps even notice us; we fantasized of what it would be like to spend time alone with him on the infamous tour bus. Or better yet; to be in his arms. We stood starry-eyed with visions of being swept off our feet by a sexy guitar wheeling bad boy with a body that rocked and the reputation to prove it. The perpetual rock star whose lanky body swayed to the music as he sang about love, lust and heartbreak; he swore to possess the stamina to keep him “up all night”.
As my research has proven time and again, there are many women who have dreamt about, fantasized and a choice few have even lived out the “rock n’ roll fantasy” lifestyle. The books in this series are tales of passion and controversy; love and heartbreak; graphically detailed as if they had be written by the women who took a walk on the wild side and lived to tell about it. They are beautiful, strong-willed and independent; each of them possesses their own ideas of what they believe true love should be like. That is, until they come face to face with the object of their affection. Their men of choice are handsome, sensual, arrogant and brimming with testosterone; at times even dangerous. Their stereotypical antics on and off stage are enough to make a good girl (even a bad girl) blush.
The “Rockin’ Love” series is dedicated to those irresistible bad boys of rock & roll and the women who love them. Each installment appropriately titled with the name of an unforgettable rock ballad/anthem from that era, due to the ecstasy, heartbreak and perpetual hope of a “happily ever after” described in their pages. So put on your Spandex, have a box of Kleenex handy and get your lighters out. “Rockin’ Love” is gonna rock your world!

SO...having said all that...I am thrilled and proud to announce that the first installment in the Rockin' Love series is currently in its final stages of preparation for release/publication!!! Coming soon to Amazon.com!! I'm SO excited!!!

**A message to all you fans of Love Bleeds-This does NOT mean I have forsaken the Only After Dark series. Absolutely not!! Rest assured that I am still currently working on book two and hoping for its release in the near future!**
I plan to continue publishing books from both series'...possibly alternating series releases...not sure yet, need to see how it goes-LOL!!
So, that's my news! Please feel free to leave a comment, question or whatever's on your mind. I would love to hear from you!
Well, gotta get busy busy...so much to do-so little time!!
Take care everyone..until next time :-)


  1. Hey Ms. James,
    Rockin Love looks right up my alley! It looks like I will now have another book for the beach this summer! Will there be a hot red headed male in the mix, with blue eyes?LOL
    Best of luck to ya,
    Readaholics Anonymous

  2. Thanks Dana,
    Knew I could count on you :)
    Lots of hot males in this one; some with piercing blue eyes too...but redheads? Hmmm lemme think about that...think I could make that happen! LOL...For you my Dear--anything!!

  3. Aw now you have got me interested in this one also, Maggie you know what type of Rock god I want to read about lol.....can't wait for this series. xxxx

  4. you said...dressed in black leather and spandex with our teased hair frozen in place by Aqua Net........
    OMG having seriously embarrassing flash backs right now hahahaha.
    Sounds great Maggie, best of luck with it =]

  5. Mystkate--I know EXACTLY what type of Rock God...lol...you got it my Dear!!! Thanx-XOXO

    Cath--I know...lol...I had flashbacks when I wrote that. 80s-90s Rock Garb...gotta love it!! But hey, we had fun!!! Thanx Cath XOXO

    Stay tuned for further details as they happen!!