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To say "THANK YOU" to all my new fans and followers, I decided to surprise you all with an excerpt from LOVE BLEEDS today....Hope you enjoy it & PLEASE leave a comment!!! Would LOVE to hear what you think--Thanks :)
(Here's the set-up: Chapter Five-Nina & Kat are in club Graphica where Joe's band Slang has just taken the stage...they see the men for the first time.)

Excerpt from LOVE BLEEDS:
With a solitary burst of smoke that covered the stage, Joe made his dramatic entrance on the heels of a wailing riff from Phillip’s guitar. The entire club burst into frenzy the second he took center stage and belted out a melodic scream that was barely overheard above the riotous crowd. Nina was glued to her seat and waited with baited breath to see who the awesome voice belonged to.

The strobe lights swirled in a multi-colored pattern of blue, green and red; flashing in sequence with the pounding tempo of the music. She strained to see past the dissipating clouds of smoke. But when the lights ceased flashing and the mist cleared, it was not the lead singer who immediately commanded her attention, but rather the blonde guitarist to his right.

He was unnaturally handsome, in an innocently boyish sort of way. He appeared to be a few inches shy of six feet tall with a medium athletic build. His shoulder length blonde hair shone like spun gold. Blended streaks of platinum illuminated when the stage lights hit him at just the right angle. His piercing blue eyes were deep set in the paleness of his complexion and held certain sadness. Nina had never seen eyes so blue.

He was dressed in tight black leather pants with a matching linen jacket. No shirt underneath. Nothing covered his broad bare chest but a soft coating of golden blonde hair and a small silver medallion hung around his neck. With his gleaming black guitar slung low on his thighs, he played as if it were an extension of his own body. Head back, eyes closed- he seduced the crowd while he strummed a haunting melody.

“Sorry I took so long!” Kat hollered to be heard over the boisterous crowd. “That ladies room was packed!”
Nina didn’t acknowledge her presence. Her sole focus was the sensual guitar player who had her mesmerized.
“I said… I’m sorry I took so long.” Kat tried again to get her attention. “I had hoped to get back before the show started.”

Still, Nina didn’t reply. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the alluring blonde. Kat looked up at the stage and immediately realized what had Nina so entranced. “Hmm…not bad!” Her eyes shifted to his left where the lead singer commanded center stage. Kat felt as though she were suddenly kicked to the chest. “It’s that guy!” Her heart stopped. Her throat caught. “The one I bumped into.”

Truly electrifying, he was dark and mysterious-dressed completely in black from head to toe. Tight leather pants fit his long muscular legs and other parts of his anatomy to perfection-and as she immediately noticed, left nothing to the imagination. His black silk shirt was left to hang open down to the middle of his rippled torso. A full head of sun streaked golden brown hair hung in layers, perfectly framing his finely chiseled face. His eyes were the color of a midnight sky just before a storm—dark and ominous. Just as she remembered.

Kat knew him to be at least several inches over six feet tall from their earlier accidental encounter. His overtly masculine body swayed provocatively to the music as he seduced the crowd with his sultry voice. He oozed pure sex, from the top of his gorgeous head right down to the squared off tip of his black leather boots. Back and forth he paced across the stage like a mighty hell-cat stalking its prey.

His hypnotic eyes studied every detail of her body inch by inch. Though he usually preferred blondes; he couldn’t help but be entranced by Kat’s understated beauty. From her long sculpted legs over the delicate swell of her hips his eyes followed a lustful trail up to her breasts. Joe wet his lips. His eyes continued to follow the line of her petite bare shoulders up to the dainty curve of her neck. He admired how the neon lights danced upon her raven hair, casting a shadowy prism affect down its shimmering length.

But nothing compared to her full luscious lips. He felt an instant strain in his already skin tight leather pants. Joe’s mind wandered. He could only imagine what it would be like to have those dainty lips play upon his naked flesh. Heavenly.
Kat parted her lips and it nearly pushed him over the edge. Focus. He forced his gaze to her russet brown eyes. They held such intensity- a man could drown in their depth. Within that depth, a false sense of innocence any mortal man would sell his soul to claim. But Joe was no mortal man; as he quickly reminded himself.

Never would he let a woman get the better of him. He decided to turn the tables and focused hard on those beautiful doe-like eyes. His stare sent an icy chill up Kat’s spine.
Unable to tear her eyes away for an instant; her pulse quickened; her heart pounded beneath her breast. His dark ominous eyes were all she could see; his deep sultry voice was all she heard above the screaming guitars. The heart-pounding beat of the music faded to a distant melody and Kat lost all track of time.

A massive crowd had formed near the front of the stage. Women surrounded her in every direction. They clawed past one another in euphoric frenzy with the hope of getting closer to the sensual man in black who hovered above them on stage.
Amidst the chaos and her momentary lapse of reality, Kat had lost track of Nina. She searched the crowd and eventually spotted her standing mere inches away from the stage wall; still paying particularly close attention to the alluring blonde guitar player.
With concern for her friend’s safety, Kat forged a path deep into the riotous crowd and with much effort and one final exasperated push, she finally appeared beside her. She spun Nina around by the shoulder.
“Glad to see you’re having fun. I was nearly trampled to death trying to reach you!”
Nina was star struck. “He’s amazing! “Who is he?”
“Who cares?” Kat fumed. “Besides, the way he’s been looking at you is giving me the creeps. Can we please just leave? It’s getting late.”

The band began to play to another song. Kat’s anger transitioned to fear when she sensed a warm menacing presence surround her. It breathed down the back of her neck; threatening to overtake her. His melodic voice filled the air; called to her. Fear gave way to curiosity when she raised her eyes to meet his once more.

Kat could tell by just looking at him, he was probably extremely self-assured and arrogant as well. Definitely not the kind of man she would normally give the time of day. Yet, the harder she resisted, the more she yearned to gaze into his dark sultry eyes. To listen to his sensual words as he seduced her without so much as a single touch. It took nearly all her willpower to turn away but she finally directed her attention back to Nina- still frozen were she stood-mesmerized by the bewitching guitarist. (END)......

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