Monday, April 4, 2011

Noteworthy News...

Happy Monday everyone!! I usually hate Mondays but this ones not too bad...so far...LOL
Just been over to Paranormal Haven to check out my newly posted Author Interview and it looks awesome! It was so much fun to do...felt kinda like a real celebrity :)Thanks to Stephanie for posting.
On the other side of the coin...have to be honest here-was not quite as thrilled with review for Love Bleeds. I was really hoping their guest reviewer Beth had enjoyed it more but Hey,to each his own. I don't expect everyone out there who reads Love Bleeds to be a fan so I'll just take the good with the bad and move on. I do appreciate Beth's honesty, just wish it had been more to her liking.

Anyway...on a happier note...MiniBookExcerpt Monday is up on my friend Dana's blog site over at Readaholics Anonymous. Check it out when you get the chance. She posted a little "teaser",if you will, taken from a scene in Love Bleeds! (There's also a teaser in the interview on PH that I put in myself!!)

Speaker of "teasers"...was thinking over the weekend about posting some here on my blog to see if I can stir up some more interest and perhaps acquire some more readers/fans for Love Bleeds. What do you think about a new weekly post I was thinking about calling "Teaser Tuesday". I'll start if of with some excerpts from Love Bleeds (of course..lol) and perhaps include some excerpts from books written by some of my personal favorites in the future (with the authors permission, of course!)
Tell me what you think...for now, I think I'm gonna go with it and post something tomorrow!!
So make sure to check back and see what little tidbits I leave here...just to "tease"..
Well...gotta get back to work...that's all for now!!
Take care and make sure to stop back in tomorrow :)

Oooh...almost forgot-If you haven't heard yet...LOVE BLEEDS now has an awesome book trailer on YouTube....here's the link--http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ub_2Gl80I6o&feature=youtu.be
If that doesn't work or take you to the video...just go to YouTube.com and type in Love Bleeds Maggie James!!!


  1. Hey Maggie, thanks for the link inviting me over =]
    Teaser Tuesday sounds good to me, hope the rest of the week goes well for you.

  2. Hi Cath...and welcome! I'm glad you like the idea...was actually gonna start it today but was called away from my computer early this morning and didn't get back until late this afternoon. So next Tuesday it is!!
    Hope you have a great week too...thanks for stopping by and the follow :)