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Bitten by Paranormal Romance: Review of Love Bleeds by Maggie James

Bitten by Paranormal Romance: Review of Love Bleeds by Maggie James: "Title: Love Bleeds Author: Maggie James Source: Requested Review Genre: Paranormal Romance - Vampires Format: ebook - 309 pages Release Date..."

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A Call To Arms...

Morning everyone...how are you all today???
I'm busy, busy, busy as usual...but today I have a special, heartfelt request for my friends, followers and fans.
I have been working like mad with promoting LOVE BLEEDS and so far it has really been paying off. Sales are going great, reviews have been awesome and interview/guest spot requests have been pouring in (and keeping me pretty busy)...However, it appears that getting the word out about my blog is not going as well as I had hoped. I'm going to be making some new additions, features and possibly some changes to make it more interesting but I need your help. I would really appreciate it if you guys could spread the word and help me gain some followers. Mention my blog to your friends, help me Retweet about it, pass it on "word of mouth", etc...however and whenever you can! I would soooooooooooooooooo appreciate it.
I am currently putting the finishing touches on getting LOVE BLEEDS into paperback and it will hopefully be available for purchase on Amazon in the next week or so..WooHoo!!! So once that happens, I think I'll be hosting some give-aways as well as posting some teasers from my upcoming release in the "Rockin' Love" series. I'm constantly thinking of new ways to draw attention to my blog and website (which is currently undergoing remodeling) and I know if we band together and help spread the word, both of my sites could do well.
FYI...the maggiejames website should be finished and ready to go shortly so I'll keep you posted.
Well, thats all for today...PLEASE show some love and help me spread the word!!! As always, I am extremely grateful to all my friends and followers for your support and encouragement...you guys have been awesome!!!
Take care and I'll keep you posted on all the "goings-on" in the world of Maggie James!!!

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Bewitching Book Tours: Now Scheduling a Virtual Tour for Love Bleeds by M...

Bewitching Book Tours: Now Scheduling a Virtual Tour for Love Bleeds by M...: "I am now scheduling a one week book tour blitz for the vampire novel, Love Bleeds by Maggie James. I have a review pdf for those interest..."

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Morning everyone...how are you on this rainy Saturday?? The weather may be lousy but I'm great!! Have some amazing news to share with you today.

First off...yours truly and Love Bleeds were included in the Arts & Entertainment Section section (click on "49 More Articles") of The Romance Reader Daily..here's the link if you wanna check it out-- http://paper.li/RomanceGenre ..How Exciting!!!

AND second..make sure to stop over at http://independentparanormal.blogspot.com/ and check out my newly posted interview with Jennifer Rainey. Very Cool!! Many thanks to Jennifer for the opportunity!

Have a great weekend everyone, I'm off to do some writing!! Take care and make sure to stop back often for more news and updates!!

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Teaser Tuesday

A little late but better late than not at all, right? I meant to post the following excerpt this morning but it's been one of those days...LOL
Oh...and a bit of news too. This Saturday, April 23rd, make sure to check out my Author Interview with Independent Paranormal-- here's the link: http://independentparanormal.blogspot.com/ Thanks so much to my new friend Jennifer for setting it up and asking me some great questions!!!

So without further delay-Here it is folks...Your Teaser Tuesday-Mini Excerpt from LOVE BLEEDS....ENJOY :-)

Once they reached the enormous wooden doors, Nina grabbed hold of the large brass handles and opened them as if she had known they would be unlocked. She entered into the front hall with Kat following close behind.

“Hello?” Nina called out as they took several steps inside. “Anybody home?”

The majesty of the estate’s interior décor was breathtaking. Floor length drapes of burgundy velvet with gold trim hung from every visible window. Located to their left was the living room; where a roaring fire burned in a marble fireplace. Atop the stone mantel were crystal vases filled with dried flowers as well as numerous scattered pictures in gilded frames; adding a romantic Victorian flair to the décor. A grand piano was set in the far corner of the room with numerous sheets of music covering its top. At least a dozen guitars in different colors and shapes were lined up against the far wall.
An enormous couch covered in a swirled pattern of hunger green and amber velvet sat in the middle of the room. In front of which was a long, hand carved antique coffee table. On its surface sat various sizes of aromatic candles set atop black iron pedestals. The warm aroma of spiced incense permeated the air. The girls took a step further into the room.

“We shouldn’t be here Nina.” Kat whispered nervously, “we don’t even know who lives here. Maybe we should…”

“Welcome ladies.” A deep voice spoke from behind them.

Kat‘s breath caught mid-sentence when she realized they were no longer alone. She turned cautiously to see the handsome lead singer standing behind them in the shadows. Dressed in an unbuttoned, flowing white shirt and tight fitting black leather pants with a black linen jacket thrown casually over his shoulder; he buttoned his sleeves at the wrists as he approached. He appeared to have recently showered judging from the way his damp, golden brown hair hung loosely over his rose colored cheeks. He flashed a devilishly handsome grin and took long confident steps towards them.

“We don’t mean to intrude,” Kat began to explain. “…but your blonde friend…”

He gently placed his finger on her lips. “Shh…it’s perfectly alright. Phillip told me he had invited guests this evening so I’ve been expecting you. I assure you that you are quite welcome in my home.” He reached out and took Kat’s trembling hand. “My name is Joe.” He tenderly kissed the top of it. “This fall from grace, I see your face. Your love was kind yet left me scarred and blind…” his mouth lingered; creating tingling warmth against the top of her hand.

She withdrew from his grasp. “Excuse me?”

“I apologize…I didn’t mean to frighten you. The words simply flowed over my tongue as I kissed your hand.”

Kat’s breath came in short pants; her heart beat heavy. She covered the hand Joe had kissed with the other and tried to rub away the lingering warmth his lips had caused. Afraid to look into his dark eyes, she turned away and took wary steps towards the front hall, where Nina was headed towards the staircase.

“He’s been waiting for you Nina.” Joe called out as he removed his jacket from over his shoulder then slid his arms into their sleeves one at a time. Slowly he drew them up his muscular arms. “There’s no need to be afraid. Just go to him.”

Nina started up the staircase to the second floor. Kat followed close behind until Joe approached. “Not to worry, she’ll find him.” He adjusted his jacket up and over his broad shoulders.

“What?” She finally dared to gaze into his dark eyes. “How did you do that?” Kat was baffled. “How did you know…?”

“I simply assumed.” Joe replied. “By the look of concern on your face. But I assure you she’ll be fine. Why don’t you join me in the living room?” He swept his hand before her as an invitation but Kat hesitated. A nervous knot formed in her stomach at the mere thought of being alone with him. What was it about him that unnerved her so? Kat knew she was a strong, confident woman so what was it about Joe that had her so rattled? Did she fear him or was it his dark, eerie mystique that tempted her more than she dared to admit?
Kat dragged her thoughts away from their seductive host long enough to make a clean get away. She turned away from Joe and ascended the stairs. Once she reached the upper landing, she turned right and followed a long dark hallway in search of Nina. Softly, she called Nina’s name as her eyes strained to see what lie ahead. As she continued down the long hall, she swore she heard faint echoes of someone call her name. Her eyes shifted to the left then to the right but there was no one.

“I’m right here Kat.”

She whirled around to find Joe standing directly behind her.

“Don’t do that!” She exclaimed.

“I apologize.” Joe bowed his head. “Habit.”

“Well, it’s very unnerving. That ‘Prince of Darkness’ act may work on some women but to me it’s just creepy.”


As a result of Joe’s intentional distraction, Kat had lost track of where Nina had gone. She needed to redirect her thoughts and pull herself together. “Would it be alright if I used your bathroom?” She thought quickly. “Just need to freshen up.”

Joe pointed her in the direction of a small powder room at the end of the hallway. She had only traveled a few steps away when Joe called to her.
“Could I fix you a drink while I wait…a glass of wine perhaps?”

“Yes, thank you. A glass of wine would be lovely.”
She waited until Joe made his way down the stairs and headed towards the living room. Kat kept her eyes on him until he was safely out of sight then quickly turned on her heels. Instead of heading in the direction he had instructed, she walked down the opposite end of the corridor. On her way, she checked every door.

“Oh damn it Nina, where the hell are you?” She whispered. Near the end of the hall, she finally spotted Nina standing outside an old wooden door; her ear pressed firmly against it. Kat raced up behind her; grabbed her by the arm and spun her around. “Where the hell have you been? I’ve been looking for you everywhere.”

Nina raised her finger and pursed her lips. “Shh…do you hear that?” She asked then continued on to the next door.

“Hear what?” Kat scowled. “Oh great! Now you’re hallucinating. I swear I can’t believe all this nonsense over some guy. What’s gotten into you?”

Well...thats all for today...make sure to check back often for more annoucements, excerpts and updates on my NEW Upcoming "Rockin' Love" Series!!! Thanks for stopping by! :-D
Take care...

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Bewitching Book Tours: Now Scheduling a Virtual Tour for Love Bleeds by M...

Bewitching Book Tours: Now Scheduling a Virtual Tour for Love Bleeds by M...: "I am now scheduling a one week book tour blitz for the vampire novel, Love Bleeds by Maggie James. I have a review pdf for those interested..."

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Good Morning everyone! Hope you enjoyed my Teaser Tuesday excerpt yesterday..thanks for the comments here and on FB and Twitter!! And thanks to all my new followers & fans!!
Today is a BIG day for me--I have a special, exciting announcement to make....
First off, I want to take a moment to fill you guys in on a few things (I promise to keep it brief...lol)and then, on to the good stuff.
When I started writing romance novels, back in 2004, I spent countless late-night hours at my computer with so many ideas spinning in my head I could barely type fast enough. All these years later, I decided to release LOVE BLEEDS first not only because of the popularity of the paranormal genre but also because of LB's unique take on vampires. (Them being rockstars and all...)
Because of my well-know passion for Rock'N'Roll, each of my novels contained that element but not all of them were in the paranormal genre. I also wrote a second series appropriately entitled "Rockin' Love". Are you ready? Here's the series description:

The “Rockin’ Love” Series
If you grew in the era of Sex, Drugs & Rock n’ Roll, you can’t deny you fantasized at one time or another of what it would be like to be a ‘rock star’ girlfriend. Along with hundreds of other women your age, you’d spend countless hours waiting in line at the local box office for concert tickets to see your favorite bands. Then spend the next few months counting down the days until the night of the show. All for the mere chance to see your favorite Rock Gods live and in person.
On any given night, in fan-filled arenas across the country, thousands of women, myself included, dressed in black leather and spandex with our teased hair frozen in place by Aqua Net, lined the rows of seats. We’d screamed our lungs out for the chance to be heard above the other over-zealous fans doing the same. Fueled by lust and adoration; we secretly prayed the hard rocking alpha male commanding center stage would look our way; perhaps even notice us; we fantasized of what it would be like to spend time alone with him on the infamous tour bus. Or better yet; to be in his arms. We stood starry-eyed with visions of being swept off our feet by a sexy guitar wheeling bad boy with a body that rocked and the reputation to prove it. The perpetual rock star whose lanky body swayed to the music as he sang about love, lust and heartbreak; he swore to possess the stamina to keep him “up all night”.
As my research has proven time and again, there are many women who have dreamt about, fantasized and a choice few have even lived out the “rock n’ roll fantasy” lifestyle. The books in this series are tales of passion and controversy; love and heartbreak; graphically detailed as if they had be written by the women who took a walk on the wild side and lived to tell about it. They are beautiful, strong-willed and independent; each of them possesses their own ideas of what they believe true love should be like. That is, until they come face to face with the object of their affection. Their men of choice are handsome, sensual, arrogant and brimming with testosterone; at times even dangerous. Their stereotypical antics on and off stage are enough to make a good girl (even a bad girl) blush.
The “Rockin’ Love” series is dedicated to those irresistible bad boys of rock & roll and the women who love them. Each installment appropriately titled with the name of an unforgettable rock ballad/anthem from that era, due to the ecstasy, heartbreak and perpetual hope of a “happily ever after” described in their pages. So put on your Spandex, have a box of Kleenex handy and get your lighters out. “Rockin’ Love” is gonna rock your world!

SO...having said all that...I am thrilled and proud to announce that the first installment in the Rockin' Love series is currently in its final stages of preparation for release/publication!!! Coming soon to Amazon.com!! I'm SO excited!!!

**A message to all you fans of Love Bleeds-This does NOT mean I have forsaken the Only After Dark series. Absolutely not!! Rest assured that I am still currently working on book two and hoping for its release in the near future!**
I plan to continue publishing books from both series'...possibly alternating series releases...not sure yet, need to see how it goes-LOL!!
So, that's my news! Please feel free to leave a comment, question or whatever's on your mind. I would love to hear from you!
Well, gotta get busy busy...so much to do-so little time!!
Take care everyone..until next time :-)

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Morning All...I have decided to keep things going with Teaser Tuesday and post another excerpt from LOVE BLEEDS today!! Since last week I introduced the sexy, handsome and talented rock-vamps, I thought perhaps today, I'd show you alittle bit of what makes them so irresistable...an honest to goodness "teaser", if you will. Hope you enjoy it----


Kat wept even harder. He’s a God damn vampire! The words repeated over and over as she stood on the opposite side of the door from the man she had actually considered being intimate with. More confused than ever, she tugged on the door even harder until she heard him groan.
“You can’t hurt me Kat. I will heal before the next dawn.”
“And what about Nina? Is she like you and Phillip now? A blood sucking immortal queen of the undead? She was my best friend Joe and that bastard took her away from me!” She shouted through her tears. “I hate you Joe! I hate you both!”
“Please let me in.” Joe attempted to push the door open. “I’m no monster Kat. I am still the man you held in your arms less than twenty four hours ago. The man you so desperately desired and wanted in your bed.”
“Don’t remind me.” She stiffened her upper lip and swallowed back her tears.
“If I were truly going to harm you I could have easily done so last night.” Joe tried to reason with her. “You were, if you recall, more than willing.”
“Bastard…” Though she didn’t want to admit it, she was fully aware he spoke the truth. She yanked on the door even harder in attempts to keep him at bay. Joe growled and ground his teeth so hard his jaw cramped.
“I may be immortal but I assure you… that… I do… feel pain!”
“Dammit Kat…please open this door. You have no reason to fear me.”
“Like hell I don’t.” The pressure she had kept on the door was waning. “This is all so surreal.” She sighed. Her head ached and her eyes burned. She blinked several times to clear away the fresh tears. With a heavy heart she mourned her best friend and felt powerless in battling her mounting emotions.
Believing she had nothing left to lose, Kat finally released her hold on the door knob and took a feeble step backward. Joe wiggled his fingers to re-circulate the blood flow then gently pushed on the door. She gasped when she noticed his hand. It was badly bruised and his knuckles were a tattered bloody mess.
“Oh my God…you’re hand!”
“It’s alright.” Joe replied as he assessed the damage. “I’ve had worse.”
“I didn’t mean to…”
“Shh…it’s alright.” He drew her into his arms and she didn’t resist. She was too exhausted and confused to prolong her futile battle with Joe.
“It will all be alright now.” He comforted. “Don’t you see? This is who and what we are. And now your dear friend and mine will be together for all eternity, as they should be.” His arms enfolded her while he stroked her hair. “Phillip had searched so long and nearly given up until the other night. Nina is his salvation.”
“But she’s a…a…oh God…I can’t even say it.” She began to weep once more. “She’ll never be the Nina I knew before…”
“She is still your Nina.” Joe reminded her. “She will always be the woman she was before tonight…just…immortal. She will never grow old, never die. She will always be as beautiful as she is right now. And the best part is she will never be alone again. Phillip will love her and treasure her forever—it is their destiny.”
“Like soul-mates? But your kind has no soul.”
“Who told you that?” Joe’s eyebrows furrowed.
“Its common knowledge.” Kat stated with confidence. “Everyone knows that vampires have no soul. They’re basically the walking dead.”
“You watch too many movies.”
Kat placed her hands on his broad chest and pushed her upper body away from him just far enough to search his dark, sultry eyes.
“What are you saying? Vampires are just the same as “normal” people except they drink blood and sleep in coffins?”
“I don’t sleep in a coffin…I’m claustrophobic.”
“This isn’t funny Joe!” She slammed her fists against his chest. “God damn you…I’m serious!” She took a sharp step back.
“So am I.” Joe reached for her. “Please calm down.”
Kat pushed away his offered hand. “Don’t touch me.”
“Kat…please...” Despite her objection; he grabbed hold of her shoulders and slowly drew her into his embrace. She was reluctant at first. Finally she allowed herself to step closer to him. Still she didn’t touch him, didn’t kiss him. Though she secretly longed to feel his mouth on hers; to feel every inch of his naked body on hers; she fought to keep control of her desire.
Joe cursed under his breath and took her into his arms. God, his arrogance aroused her. She hated that fact. “Let me go”, she somehow managed to protest, though it was breathless, unconvincing.
“You don’t really want me to let you go-do you Kat?” That was the horrifying truth, and she knew it.
“Bastard...” She hated the fact that he knew her so well. And though she might love being in his arms, she couldn’t forget the truth of what he was.
“Oh God…I’m so confused!” She rested her head on Joe’s chest between her clenched fists. “And I’m exhausted.”
“Then you must rest.” He wrapped his strong arms around her and laid his head atop of hers. “I’ll take you to bed.”
“Oh no you won’t!” She instantly withdrew and protested.
“Easy Darlin’…easy.” He clarified. “Don’t let your imagination get the better of you. I simply meant I would help you get the rest you need. I was not inviting myself to join you.”
“Oh…right...right.” Kat’s shoulders relaxed. She surrendered her defenses and allowed her body to sink into Joe’s. Though the past hours had been traumatic ones, she couldn’t swear to herself, or anyone else for that matter, that she was totally against having him accompany her to bed. Just the same, feeling his body lying beside her amidst the warm sleekness of satin sheets was probably not a good idea. She couldn’t guarantee that neither she nor Joe would be able to control themselves. In her vulnerable state, Kat feared she would give in to her physical desire for him and that little scenario, she believed, could definitely prove to be a fatal mistake.
“If I may be so bold…” Joe slid his arms behind her knees. “Just relax and hold on to me.”
Kat conceded defeat. He gently scooped her into his arms. She wrapped her arms loosely around his neck and laid her head on his shoulder. A barely audible sigh crossed her lips as she burrowed her face into the warmest crevice of Joe’s neck. He swallowed hard when he felt her warm breath cross over his skin. As he carried her towards the bed, even the tiniest of movements created a delicate rocking and caused her lips to make subtle contact.
He wanted to kiss her...but he wanted it too much. He feared kissing her would be like ingesting a lethal dose of poison-damning him for all eternity.
If you only knew how much I desired you. He thought. To feel you beneath me…to touch you…taste you…Joe placed her down gently on the bed. When Kat’s back touched down on the red satin comforter, she moaned softly yet did not release her arms from around Joe’s neck.
“Please don’t leave me.”
“But I thought you said…”
“I know what I said. But would you just stay with me until I fall asleep? I’ll understand if you say no, but I don’t want to be alone right now.”
“As you wish…” He agreed and Kat released him.
Joe dragged a nearby arm chair over towards the bed and took a seat. Kat observed him closely to make sure he didn’t change his mind and leave the room the moment she got comfortable. As he settled back into the tall back leather chair and couldn’t help but notice how sexy he was. For a dead guy. She thought.
After some time had passed, Kat eventually closed her eyes and prayed what she had witnessed over the past few days would not haunt her dreams. The images of Nina and Phillip were still fresh in her mind. Their blatant sexual conduct coupled with their shocking display of mutual blood-letting was something she wouldn’t soon forget. Life as she knew it had been changed forever and there wasn’t a damn thing Kat could do about it.

Well...hope you enjoyed that!! If you want more, don't forget to get your own copy of LOVE BLEEDS from either Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com or Smashwords.com!! THANX :)

FYI...I'll be making a special announcement about upcoming releases from yours truly, MAGGIE JAMES, so don't forget to stop back here tomorrow and check it out!!!
Ta Ta for now...have an awesome day everyone and I'll see you back here tomorrow!!

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To say "THANK YOU" to all my new fans and followers, I decided to surprise you all with an excerpt from LOVE BLEEDS today....Hope you enjoy it & PLEASE leave a comment!!! Would LOVE to hear what you think--Thanks :)
(Here's the set-up: Chapter Five-Nina & Kat are in club Graphica where Joe's band Slang has just taken the stage...they see the men for the first time.)

Excerpt from LOVE BLEEDS:
With a solitary burst of smoke that covered the stage, Joe made his dramatic entrance on the heels of a wailing riff from Phillip’s guitar. The entire club burst into frenzy the second he took center stage and belted out a melodic scream that was barely overheard above the riotous crowd. Nina was glued to her seat and waited with baited breath to see who the awesome voice belonged to.

The strobe lights swirled in a multi-colored pattern of blue, green and red; flashing in sequence with the pounding tempo of the music. She strained to see past the dissipating clouds of smoke. But when the lights ceased flashing and the mist cleared, it was not the lead singer who immediately commanded her attention, but rather the blonde guitarist to his right.

He was unnaturally handsome, in an innocently boyish sort of way. He appeared to be a few inches shy of six feet tall with a medium athletic build. His shoulder length blonde hair shone like spun gold. Blended streaks of platinum illuminated when the stage lights hit him at just the right angle. His piercing blue eyes were deep set in the paleness of his complexion and held certain sadness. Nina had never seen eyes so blue.

He was dressed in tight black leather pants with a matching linen jacket. No shirt underneath. Nothing covered his broad bare chest but a soft coating of golden blonde hair and a small silver medallion hung around his neck. With his gleaming black guitar slung low on his thighs, he played as if it were an extension of his own body. Head back, eyes closed- he seduced the crowd while he strummed a haunting melody.

“Sorry I took so long!” Kat hollered to be heard over the boisterous crowd. “That ladies room was packed!”
Nina didn’t acknowledge her presence. Her sole focus was the sensual guitar player who had her mesmerized.
“I said… I’m sorry I took so long.” Kat tried again to get her attention. “I had hoped to get back before the show started.”

Still, Nina didn’t reply. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the alluring blonde. Kat looked up at the stage and immediately realized what had Nina so entranced. “Hmm…not bad!” Her eyes shifted to his left where the lead singer commanded center stage. Kat felt as though she were suddenly kicked to the chest. “It’s that guy!” Her heart stopped. Her throat caught. “The one I bumped into.”

Truly electrifying, he was dark and mysterious-dressed completely in black from head to toe. Tight leather pants fit his long muscular legs and other parts of his anatomy to perfection-and as she immediately noticed, left nothing to the imagination. His black silk shirt was left to hang open down to the middle of his rippled torso. A full head of sun streaked golden brown hair hung in layers, perfectly framing his finely chiseled face. His eyes were the color of a midnight sky just before a storm—dark and ominous. Just as she remembered.

Kat knew him to be at least several inches over six feet tall from their earlier accidental encounter. His overtly masculine body swayed provocatively to the music as he seduced the crowd with his sultry voice. He oozed pure sex, from the top of his gorgeous head right down to the squared off tip of his black leather boots. Back and forth he paced across the stage like a mighty hell-cat stalking its prey.

His hypnotic eyes studied every detail of her body inch by inch. Though he usually preferred blondes; he couldn’t help but be entranced by Kat’s understated beauty. From her long sculpted legs over the delicate swell of her hips his eyes followed a lustful trail up to her breasts. Joe wet his lips. His eyes continued to follow the line of her petite bare shoulders up to the dainty curve of her neck. He admired how the neon lights danced upon her raven hair, casting a shadowy prism affect down its shimmering length.

But nothing compared to her full luscious lips. He felt an instant strain in his already skin tight leather pants. Joe’s mind wandered. He could only imagine what it would be like to have those dainty lips play upon his naked flesh. Heavenly.
Kat parted her lips and it nearly pushed him over the edge. Focus. He forced his gaze to her russet brown eyes. They held such intensity- a man could drown in their depth. Within that depth, a false sense of innocence any mortal man would sell his soul to claim. But Joe was no mortal man; as he quickly reminded himself.

Never would he let a woman get the better of him. He decided to turn the tables and focused hard on those beautiful doe-like eyes. His stare sent an icy chill up Kat’s spine.
Unable to tear her eyes away for an instant; her pulse quickened; her heart pounded beneath her breast. His dark ominous eyes were all she could see; his deep sultry voice was all she heard above the screaming guitars. The heart-pounding beat of the music faded to a distant melody and Kat lost all track of time.

A massive crowd had formed near the front of the stage. Women surrounded her in every direction. They clawed past one another in euphoric frenzy with the hope of getting closer to the sensual man in black who hovered above them on stage.
Amidst the chaos and her momentary lapse of reality, Kat had lost track of Nina. She searched the crowd and eventually spotted her standing mere inches away from the stage wall; still paying particularly close attention to the alluring blonde guitar player.
With concern for her friend’s safety, Kat forged a path deep into the riotous crowd and with much effort and one final exasperated push, she finally appeared beside her. She spun Nina around by the shoulder.
“Glad to see you’re having fun. I was nearly trampled to death trying to reach you!”
Nina was star struck. “He’s amazing! “Who is he?”
“Who cares?” Kat fumed. “Besides, the way he’s been looking at you is giving me the creeps. Can we please just leave? It’s getting late.”

The band began to play to another song. Kat’s anger transitioned to fear when she sensed a warm menacing presence surround her. It breathed down the back of her neck; threatening to overtake her. His melodic voice filled the air; called to her. Fear gave way to curiosity when she raised her eyes to meet his once more.

Kat could tell by just looking at him, he was probably extremely self-assured and arrogant as well. Definitely not the kind of man she would normally give the time of day. Yet, the harder she resisted, the more she yearned to gaze into his dark sultry eyes. To listen to his sensual words as he seduced her without so much as a single touch. It took nearly all her willpower to turn away but she finally directed her attention back to Nina- still frozen were she stood-mesmerized by the bewitching guitarist. (END)......

Want more??? Stay tuned for more excerpts from LOVE BLEEDS in the near future! If you can't wait that long (I hope you can't...lol) You can always get your own copy today at Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com or Smashwords.com---Thanks for stopping by!!
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Noteworthy News...

Happy Monday everyone!! I usually hate Mondays but this ones not too bad...so far...LOL
Just been over to Paranormal Haven to check out my newly posted Author Interview and it looks awesome! It was so much fun to do...felt kinda like a real celebrity :)Thanks to Stephanie for posting.
On the other side of the coin...have to be honest here-was not quite as thrilled with review for Love Bleeds. I was really hoping their guest reviewer Beth had enjoyed it more but Hey,to each his own. I don't expect everyone out there who reads Love Bleeds to be a fan so I'll just take the good with the bad and move on. I do appreciate Beth's honesty, just wish it had been more to her liking.

Anyway...on a happier note...MiniBookExcerpt Monday is up on my friend Dana's blog site over at Readaholics Anonymous. Check it out when you get the chance. She posted a little "teaser",if you will, taken from a scene in Love Bleeds! (There's also a teaser in the interview on PH that I put in myself!!)

Speaker of "teasers"...was thinking over the weekend about posting some here on my blog to see if I can stir up some more interest and perhaps acquire some more readers/fans for Love Bleeds. What do you think about a new weekly post I was thinking about calling "Teaser Tuesday". I'll start if of with some excerpts from Love Bleeds (of course..lol) and perhaps include some excerpts from books written by some of my personal favorites in the future (with the authors permission, of course!)
Tell me what you think...for now, I think I'm gonna go with it and post something tomorrow!!
So make sure to check back and see what little tidbits I leave here...just to "tease"..
Well...gotta get back to work...that's all for now!!
Take care and make sure to stop back in tomorrow :)

Oooh...almost forgot-If you haven't heard yet...LOVE BLEEDS now has an awesome book trailer on YouTube....here's the link--http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ub_2Gl80I6o&feature=youtu.be
If that doesn't work or take you to the video...just go to YouTube.com and type in Love Bleeds Maggie James!!!

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Happy "Fantastic" Friday!!!

WOW...what a week this has been for me!! I couldn't be happier if I was twins...lmao :D
AWESOME...and I DO mean awesome reviews have been coming in for LOVE BLEEDS, sales are up and promotion is going great! Looking into printing Love Bleeds in paperback form in the near future...anyone interested??? Leave your comments- please! Would love to hear from you :)
Also, don't forget-coming up next week:
Dana/ReadaholicsAnonymous will be premiering a new feature on her awesome blog and yours truly, well Love Bleeds, will be her first excerpt entry! I'm so honored and flattered-Thanks Dana! Here's the link to her site:http://readaholicsanonymous-mustread.blogspot.com/
Please don't forget to check out her amazing review...3.5 stars and 4 on Amazon.com!!

AND...on Paranormal Haven's Blog--Another review (I haven't see it yet so don't have details) for Love Bleeds and author interview with ME will be posted so make sure to stop by their site and check it out. Here's their link:http://www.paranormalhaven.com/
Many thanks to Stephanie and Beth at PH for working with me on this!!

But wait, there's more...A 5 star/rave review from a new Maggie James fan posted last night on Twitter, FB and other sites!! If you're interested-Here's the link: http://t.co/b4WxBqy
Thanks to Ms. Fine for the kind words!! Always love to hear from my fans:)

WOW...so that's been my week so far...ain't it great!!! I just wanted to THANK all my friends (old and new), family, followers, fans and everyone else who has been so supportive and encouraging--I couldn't have done any of this without you. Love & hugs to you all!!!
Well, I'm gonna sign off for now, have some writing to do and emails to answer :D
Have a great weekend everyone, in case I don't post again later, and I'll be back on Monday. Hopefully with some more exciting news from the wonderful world of Maggie James!

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