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Morning All...I have decided to keep things going with Teaser Tuesday and post another excerpt from LOVE BLEEDS today!! Since last week I introduced the sexy, handsome and talented rock-vamps, I thought perhaps today, I'd show you alittle bit of what makes them so irresistable...an honest to goodness "teaser", if you will. Hope you enjoy it----


Kat wept even harder. He’s a God damn vampire! The words repeated over and over as she stood on the opposite side of the door from the man she had actually considered being intimate with. More confused than ever, she tugged on the door even harder until she heard him groan.
“You can’t hurt me Kat. I will heal before the next dawn.”
“And what about Nina? Is she like you and Phillip now? A blood sucking immortal queen of the undead? She was my best friend Joe and that bastard took her away from me!” She shouted through her tears. “I hate you Joe! I hate you both!”
“Please let me in.” Joe attempted to push the door open. “I’m no monster Kat. I am still the man you held in your arms less than twenty four hours ago. The man you so desperately desired and wanted in your bed.”
“Don’t remind me.” She stiffened her upper lip and swallowed back her tears.
“If I were truly going to harm you I could have easily done so last night.” Joe tried to reason with her. “You were, if you recall, more than willing.”
“Bastard…” Though she didn’t want to admit it, she was fully aware he spoke the truth. She yanked on the door even harder in attempts to keep him at bay. Joe growled and ground his teeth so hard his jaw cramped.
“I may be immortal but I assure you… that… I do… feel pain!”
“Dammit Kat…please open this door. You have no reason to fear me.”
“Like hell I don’t.” The pressure she had kept on the door was waning. “This is all so surreal.” She sighed. Her head ached and her eyes burned. She blinked several times to clear away the fresh tears. With a heavy heart she mourned her best friend and felt powerless in battling her mounting emotions.
Believing she had nothing left to lose, Kat finally released her hold on the door knob and took a feeble step backward. Joe wiggled his fingers to re-circulate the blood flow then gently pushed on the door. She gasped when she noticed his hand. It was badly bruised and his knuckles were a tattered bloody mess.
“Oh my God…you’re hand!”
“It’s alright.” Joe replied as he assessed the damage. “I’ve had worse.”
“I didn’t mean to…”
“Shh…it’s alright.” He drew her into his arms and she didn’t resist. She was too exhausted and confused to prolong her futile battle with Joe.
“It will all be alright now.” He comforted. “Don’t you see? This is who and what we are. And now your dear friend and mine will be together for all eternity, as they should be.” His arms enfolded her while he stroked her hair. “Phillip had searched so long and nearly given up until the other night. Nina is his salvation.”
“But she’s a…a…oh God…I can’t even say it.” She began to weep once more. “She’ll never be the Nina I knew before…”
“She is still your Nina.” Joe reminded her. “She will always be the woman she was before tonight…just…immortal. She will never grow old, never die. She will always be as beautiful as she is right now. And the best part is she will never be alone again. Phillip will love her and treasure her forever—it is their destiny.”
“Like soul-mates? But your kind has no soul.”
“Who told you that?” Joe’s eyebrows furrowed.
“Its common knowledge.” Kat stated with confidence. “Everyone knows that vampires have no soul. They’re basically the walking dead.”
“You watch too many movies.”
Kat placed her hands on his broad chest and pushed her upper body away from him just far enough to search his dark, sultry eyes.
“What are you saying? Vampires are just the same as “normal” people except they drink blood and sleep in coffins?”
“I don’t sleep in a coffin…I’m claustrophobic.”
“This isn’t funny Joe!” She slammed her fists against his chest. “God damn you…I’m serious!” She took a sharp step back.
“So am I.” Joe reached for her. “Please calm down.”
Kat pushed away his offered hand. “Don’t touch me.”
“Kat…please...” Despite her objection; he grabbed hold of her shoulders and slowly drew her into his embrace. She was reluctant at first. Finally she allowed herself to step closer to him. Still she didn’t touch him, didn’t kiss him. Though she secretly longed to feel his mouth on hers; to feel every inch of his naked body on hers; she fought to keep control of her desire.
Joe cursed under his breath and took her into his arms. God, his arrogance aroused her. She hated that fact. “Let me go”, she somehow managed to protest, though it was breathless, unconvincing.
“You don’t really want me to let you go-do you Kat?” That was the horrifying truth, and she knew it.
“Bastard...” She hated the fact that he knew her so well. And though she might love being in his arms, she couldn’t forget the truth of what he was.
“Oh God…I’m so confused!” She rested her head on Joe’s chest between her clenched fists. “And I’m exhausted.”
“Then you must rest.” He wrapped his strong arms around her and laid his head atop of hers. “I’ll take you to bed.”
“Oh no you won’t!” She instantly withdrew and protested.
“Easy Darlin’…easy.” He clarified. “Don’t let your imagination get the better of you. I simply meant I would help you get the rest you need. I was not inviting myself to join you.”
“Oh…right...right.” Kat’s shoulders relaxed. She surrendered her defenses and allowed her body to sink into Joe’s. Though the past hours had been traumatic ones, she couldn’t swear to herself, or anyone else for that matter, that she was totally against having him accompany her to bed. Just the same, feeling his body lying beside her amidst the warm sleekness of satin sheets was probably not a good idea. She couldn’t guarantee that neither she nor Joe would be able to control themselves. In her vulnerable state, Kat feared she would give in to her physical desire for him and that little scenario, she believed, could definitely prove to be a fatal mistake.
“If I may be so bold…” Joe slid his arms behind her knees. “Just relax and hold on to me.”
Kat conceded defeat. He gently scooped her into his arms. She wrapped her arms loosely around his neck and laid her head on his shoulder. A barely audible sigh crossed her lips as she burrowed her face into the warmest crevice of Joe’s neck. He swallowed hard when he felt her warm breath cross over his skin. As he carried her towards the bed, even the tiniest of movements created a delicate rocking and caused her lips to make subtle contact.
He wanted to kiss her...but he wanted it too much. He feared kissing her would be like ingesting a lethal dose of poison-damning him for all eternity.
If you only knew how much I desired you. He thought. To feel you beneath me…to touch you…taste you…Joe placed her down gently on the bed. When Kat’s back touched down on the red satin comforter, she moaned softly yet did not release her arms from around Joe’s neck.
“Please don’t leave me.”
“But I thought you said…”
“I know what I said. But would you just stay with me until I fall asleep? I’ll understand if you say no, but I don’t want to be alone right now.”
“As you wish…” He agreed and Kat released him.
Joe dragged a nearby arm chair over towards the bed and took a seat. Kat observed him closely to make sure he didn’t change his mind and leave the room the moment she got comfortable. As he settled back into the tall back leather chair and couldn’t help but notice how sexy he was. For a dead guy. She thought.
After some time had passed, Kat eventually closed her eyes and prayed what she had witnessed over the past few days would not haunt her dreams. The images of Nina and Phillip were still fresh in her mind. Their blatant sexual conduct coupled with their shocking display of mutual blood-letting was something she wouldn’t soon forget. Life as she knew it had been changed forever and there wasn’t a damn thing Kat could do about it.

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