Monday, May 16, 2011

Double Whammy!!!

Hi everyone!! Yep, I have a double whammy for you today! Before I get into that- I just want to say that I hope you all had an awesome weekend. Mine was very busy, but what else in new?
AND...First off, I received an awesome email with the link to some even more AWESOME news. Well it was actually a link to an awesome review from CoffeeTimeRomance's Blog. And I haven't stopped smiling yet! Many,,many,,thanks to Cherokee for her flattering review of LOVE BLEEDS!!! Here's the link so you all can stop by and enjoy it too: http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.coffeetimeromance.com%2FBookReviews%2Flovebleedsbook1bymaggiejames.html&h=9d136XR_HeNxWh3e-AGf0XQ184A Wow...what a link...LOL...I'll have to go and shorten that!!

And if that wasn't awesome enough...today I'm the featured author on WereVampsRomance!! There's a really cool interview with yours truly AND an interview with Kat (female lead from LOVE BLEEDS) and a very entertaining guest post by Joe (Male lead vamp from LB)!! Here's the link to their site: http://werevampsromance.blogspot.com/ SO make sure to stop by and check it all out!!

So, that's my news!!! Hope everyone is having an good Monday. I usually hate Mondays but with all things considered, this one has turned out to be pretty damn good :-)
See you all soon--more news coming up in the next few days!!
Take care guys-

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


My proof copy of LOVE BLEEDS in paperback is here!!! I can actually hold it in my hot little hands and it feels sooooooooooooooo good :-D I can hardly believe it. I feel like I've been waiting forever for this day to come and now it's finally here!
AND...it looks awesome, absolutely perfect! Even better than I had hoped it would..LOL
Now I just have to give it the once over, read it carefully and then notify Amazon that we're good to go and it will be available for purchase!!! (Hopefully by the end of the week!)
I tell you what guys...this day just keeps getting better and better. I also have an interview posted on http://forbiddenpassionsinterviews.blogspot.com/2011/05/interview-with-maggie-james.html so make sure to stop by and check it out!!!
Ok...I hate to dash off but I have so many people to call and text and then its back to work on interviews, guest posts and start reading MY BOOK!!! Yep, I said MY BOOK in paperback!!! I still can't believe it...somebody pinch me...LOL
I hope you all have an awesome day...see ya soon!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Morning everyone & Happy Mothers Day !!! Hope you enjoy this post for "6 SENTENCE SUNDAY".
Please make sure to take a look at all the other amazing author posts for todays 6 Sentence Sunday!! I hope you enjoy this little teaser from my paranormal romance LOVE BLEEDS....

"Though his hunger mounted, Joe painfully realized he could not allow his unexpected feelings for this woman to force him into acting impulsively. He must have patience. Though he yearned to have his arms enfold her-to feel the warmth of her body pressed to his-to take what he needed- something deep within him wouldn’t allow his natural instinct to take control. He fought to keep his wits about him as Kat’s mere presence weakened his hardened exterior. Should he reveal his true objective, Joe was certain her reaction would be one of sheer horror and repulsion. Laying to ruin what he had started by losing control now could prove fatal."

Thanks for stopping by my blog for 6 Sentence Sunday...if you like what you've just read, please grab your own copy of LOVE BLEEDS at the links listed on this blog...***Available in paperback shortly***(within the next week)!!!! Stay tuned for details!!!
Have a wonderful day!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Chasing Fangs in Ireland & England: A Review of Maggie James's Debut Novel Love Bleeds --courtesy of GetFanged.com/ the website with BITE!!!

"Being almost 500 years old, I can be quite set in my ways. When it comes to books, I am no exception. But, this year, I gave in to my Gemini tendencies and purchased an Amazon Kindle. And, as promised to Ms. James, the first e-book I purchased was her debut novel: Love Bleeds."

In Ireland, Joseph (Joe) Markus, a rock-n-roll star vampire, meets with Katarina (Kat) Renót, a professor of lore on sabbatical with her best friend Nina. While Nina easily succumbs to fellow vampire Phillip’s charm, Kat is not so trusting. She finds Joe’s abs delectable, but his arrogance keeps Kat from reaching out and scooting her fingers along the ridges of his six-pack. Joe, on the other hand, hates that Kat does not easily fall prey to his charm. His glamour. While the would-be lovers play cat-and-mouse, someone else—a vampire, perhaps—is Hell-bent on avenging a man he feels died with Joe’s blessing.

Story: 3 out of 4 Garlic Bulbs

This book could be dangerous if given to blue-balling vampires. James’s attention to sexual detail is sure to arouse the erotic pleasures of many. Vampires really do make love better, and James plays with this tidbit of knowledge to the fullest extent. Joe knows his way around a woman, and his techniques, from his fingers to his groin, are worthy of the sharpest fangs. The women are just as equally hungry for sex and willing to engage the vampires in their primal needs, which makes for a fun read.

Characters: 3 out of 4 Garlic Bulbs

The characters, at times, seemed a bit like stock characters. For example, Phillip’s the vampire who fights his bloodlust, which reminds me Edward Cullen, sans sparkles. If ol’ Phil really wants to live as a vampire but can’t bring himself to drink from a human, why doesn’t he feed from rats? I, for one, was fed up with his self-loathing, and had I been a character in the novel, I would have “helped” him meet the sun.

Joe, on the other hand, stays true to the vampire way. While he’s open to living with one woman for all eternity, he is also okay with taking what he needs during a one-night stand. That’s not to say he’s entirely selfish. He aims to satisfy, in many delicious ways, his bedmates. I would be proud to call Joe my friend.

Overall: 3 out of 4 Garlic Bulbs

James manages to whisk her reader into a world of vampire loving, vampire rocking and vampire mystery. My only concerns are that grammatical errors and differences in typeface might jolt the reader out of his/her “suspension of disbelief,” something a writer must always strive to avoid. That being said, if this story is any indicator of James’s potential and talent, I eagerly await the release of novel #2.

WOOHOO...thanks to my new friend/fan VampireTemoc...you really made me smile with this awesome review!!!
Stay tuned...rumor has it that more great reviews and author interviews are soon to be released for me and Love Bleeds!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Happy Tuesday everyone!!!
Wow...I just can't seem to get into the groove of things today...LOL...Was a hectic weekend, followed by a manic Monday and here I sit, at my laptop, staring at my "to be done" list and I'm abit overwhelmed. I have writing to do, editing to work on, interviews to complete and emails to answer but I can't stay focused. (**rolls eyes***)
Ok...I'll try to keep this short & sweet so I can get back to work but just had to check in and keep you posted on the goings-on around here.

First off, went to book signing last night for Nikki Sixx's "This Is Gonna Hurt" and had him sign my copy (and me...lol). Had a great time...what a sweetheart he is! So humble and personable:-)
Here's a little something for your viewing pleasure....

But here's the thriller for me. I was waiting in line to go inside to meet Nikki and someone overheard my daughter and I talking about Love Bleeds going into paperback and she interrupted and asked if I was famous...lol...To which my sweetheart of a daughter replied with a giggle, "Not yet." Well, when I told her who I was, she said the name sounded familiar and my jaw dropped. Turns out she works for Barnes&Noble! She then proceeded to ask my for my autograph and a picture with me! Talk about thrilling!! This, in turn, prompted another woman in line to do the same and I had to sign another autograph...I felt like a celebrity! It was beyond awesome!! That definitely make my week, possibly even my year..LOL So there I was, waiting to get Nikki Sixx's autograph and signing my own in the parking lot! Good times...good times indeed :-)
Oooh, one more thing...Just wanted to let everyone know that LOVE BLEEDS is going off to print tonight and I should have my ARC by Monday. Once I approve it, its off to the presses!!!! I'M SO EXCITED !!! I'll keep you posted on purchase availability dates for Amazon...should be in 2 wks, the longest!!
So don't forget to stop back and check in often for the latest news...Thanks to all my wonderful fans and friends...I love and appreciate every single one of you!!!
Have an awesome day :-)