Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Review for LOVE BLEEDS!!!

Hi again everyone...I'm so excited and proud to announce that my first review is in for LOVE BLEEDS and what an amazing one it is!!!
Take a look for yourselves:

"Sexy! Titillating! Seductive! LOVE BLEEDS explodes onto the paranormal scene with alluring and exhilarating characters! Ms. Maggie James brings in a fresh and unique take on vampires. Her writing style allows you hear all sides of the story, and then some. Joe and Kat's passion has the ability to ignite flames. This book is an exciting sample of what Maggie James will bring to the table in future books. Ms. James left me with the desire to hang out with Kat and Nina, and have a beer. I highly recommend this book if your looking for a paranormal romance." ***3.5 Stars /as per Dana @ReadaholicsAnonymous***

Here's s the link for the full review-http://readaholicsanonymous-mustread.blogspot.com/

Many thanks, muchos gracias to Dana for her amazing review!! She'll be posting teasers and links to it on Twitter today and tomorrow, as well as posting a mini-excerpt on her Readaholics Blog on Monday, April 4th. So please make sure to stop by her site and check it out!!! In case you're not on Twitter (shame on you..lol) I will be posting all comments/reviews and possibly some excerpts from LOVE BLEEDS here on my blog as well so stay tuned!
Also check out the LoveBleeds page on Amazon & Smashwords for Dana's posted review later tonight or tomorrow!!! Exciting times in the world of Maggie James :D
See you all soon!

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