Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday Thaw!!

Morning everyone and Thank God the snow is over (hopefully for good) and its starting to thaw. I mean, really, its supposed to be Spring right? I want to see flowers blooming, hear birds chirping, and feel the warm sunshine on my face when I step outside-not step into a deep squishy pile of slush..LOL
Well, I don't know about the weather but I do know that things have been heating up around here for me and I'm thrilled!! I have several reviews due in shortly and an author interview/book review with Paranormal Haven scheduled for next month...(details coming soon)! I'm so excited-many thanks to Beth and Stephanie for making it possible :D
I also wanted to send a shout out to Dana/Readaholics with my sincere thanks for all her Tweets about LOVE BLEEDS-I SOOOOO appreciate your support...Happy Reading!
And to my new friends & followers on all sites and pages-Thank you for your adds, friendships and followings...I truly appreciate your encouragement and kind words!
All in all, these past few weeks have been truly amazing for me and its mostly thanks to each and every one of you...I feel truly blessed-HUGS to you all!!!
Please keep spreading the word about Maggie James and LOVE BLEEDS...its definitely working and I can't thank you enough!!
Well, guess its about time I got to work on my next project...No hints just yet...but soon-I promise :D
Enjoy your day and make it a good one!!!

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