Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Happy Tuesday everyone!!!
Wow...I just can't seem to get into the groove of things today...LOL...Was a hectic weekend, followed by a manic Monday and here I sit, at my laptop, staring at my "to be done" list and I'm abit overwhelmed. I have writing to do, editing to work on, interviews to complete and emails to answer but I can't stay focused. (**rolls eyes***)
Ok...I'll try to keep this short & sweet so I can get back to work but just had to check in and keep you posted on the goings-on around here.

First off, went to book signing last night for Nikki Sixx's "This Is Gonna Hurt" and had him sign my copy (and me...lol). Had a great time...what a sweetheart he is! So humble and personable:-)
Here's a little something for your viewing pleasure....

But here's the thriller for me. I was waiting in line to go inside to meet Nikki and someone overheard my daughter and I talking about Love Bleeds going into paperback and she interrupted and asked if I was famous...lol...To which my sweetheart of a daughter replied with a giggle, "Not yet." Well, when I told her who I was, she said the name sounded familiar and my jaw dropped. Turns out she works for Barnes&Noble! She then proceeded to ask my for my autograph and a picture with me! Talk about thrilling!! This, in turn, prompted another woman in line to do the same and I had to sign another autograph...I felt like a celebrity! It was beyond awesome!! That definitely make my week, possibly even my year..LOL So there I was, waiting to get Nikki Sixx's autograph and signing my own in the parking lot! Good times...good times indeed :-)
Oooh, one more thing...Just wanted to let everyone know that LOVE BLEEDS is going off to print tonight and I should have my ARC by Monday. Once I approve it, its off to the presses!!!! I'M SO EXCITED !!! I'll keep you posted on purchase availability dates for Amazon...should be in 2 wks, the longest!!
So don't forget to stop back and check in often for the latest news...Thanks to all my wonderful fans and friends...I love and appreciate every single one of you!!!
Have an awesome day :-)


  1. Couldn't get anymore awesomer than that in my book,i know that may not be a word but it sounded right.

  2. Thats totally awesome Maggie....and I'm sure you'll be signing PLENTY of autographs on a daily basis soon!!!!!
    Onwards and upwards!!!
    Cath xox

  3. Thanks guy...I appreciate the love and support!! My friends/followers are the best <3
    ((Cyber Hugs))